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Children at La Prugnola

Inspired by the guidance of Gianfranco Zavallone, on the natural rights of boys and girls, here at least on vacation, if you want, what you can find for your children:

1. THE RIGHT TO LEZINESS: To experience moments of time not organized by adults.

2. THE RIGHT TO GET DIRTY: playing with natural materials such as sand, earth, grass, leaves, stones, twigs…

3. THE RIGHT TO THE SMELLS: to perceive the taste of smells and to recognize the perfumes offered by nature.

4. THE RIGHT TO DIALOGUE: to listen and be able to speak, to speak and to dialogue.

5. THE RIGHT TO USE HANDS: to plant nails, sawdust, scrape, sandpaper, glue, shape clay, tie ropes, light a fire.

6. THE RIGHT TO A “GOOD START”: to eat healthy food, drink clean water and breathe pure water.

7. THE RIGHT TO THE ROAD: to play in the square freely, to walk the streets.

8. THE RIGHT TO WILD: to build a shelter-game with what is found in nature, to have reeds and groves in which to hide and trees to climb on.

9. THE RIGHT TO SILENCE: to listen to the breath of the wind, the song of birds, the bubbling of water.

10. THE RIGHT TO THE SHADES: to see the sunrise and its sunset admiring the moon and the stars in the night.

Some good reasons

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Some good reasons

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