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Our Farm

Mons Scutarius, "fabbricante di scudi"

From sharecropping to Agriturism
The Fattoria La Prugnola was born as an agricultural activity in the period whe

n agriculture was still a dominant sector in our country.

There lived and worked up to 10 farm families, till the 60s, when farmers went to work in the industry and sharecropping was transformed into direct-run farming.

The Farm (located 175 meters above sea level, and 9 km from the coast) covers an area of more than 70 hectares.

Of these, 10 hectares consist of an ancient olive grove, for a total of approximately 2000 plants of different varieties (Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino, Lazzero), which produce an excellent Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil; about 15 are arable land, mainly devoted to grass legume, to minimize the environmental impact and ensure the protection of the territory.

About 45 hectares are covered by woods and are protected and preserved to ensure the protection of the soil, allowing the reproduction of the typical animals of our region such as pheasants, wild boar and many others, safeguarding the correct balance between the farm activities and the territory.

The farm is an excellent setting for walks and bicycle tours.

We started to move in the tourism sector in 1980 when no one could have predicted the future success of farm holidays.
We wanted to preserve the traditional lifestyle, in harmony with nature and away from the chaos of the city and these values still guide us today.
The farm holiday activity, complementary to agriculture, was started in 1983, even before Toscany’s regional law for Agriturism, which dates back to 1985, was enacted.

To start this adventure was Cristina, the owner of the” Fattoria La Prugnola”, supported and advised by her husband Paolo.
They restored the farm centre with its 4 houses: one for the head farmer who lived on the farm, and the other three for our guests.
Since then many things have changed and their daughters Marina and  Barbara have taken over the activity.

And now Cristina and Paolo have become grandparents and so they have plenty of work on their hands!

At the “Agriturismo Fattoria La Prugnola” you can choose many ways to enjoy nature .

Today in the Agriturismo you can stay in the traditional farm houses and apartments, surrounded by greenery and fully equipped to satisfy the need for independence and freedom, giving a taste of tradition, and of the local comfort , all in close contact with nature and the sea air.

If you want to try a new experience, but without sacrificing the comforts that make your holiday special, you can stay in the green and comfortable Agricamping, or Glamping, as we like to call it.

You can choose the Lodge Tents, to experience nature contact with all comforts,  bright and fully furnished, to please everyone, young and old.

The guests of the agri-camping have at their disposal private bathrooms, dish washing room and a laundry service.

All our guests can relax in the nearby ”Il Belvedere”, a common area equipped with WiFi, with cover pergola, solarium, playground and a beautiful sea view.

But no matter what your tastes are, whatever your choice, you will have no problem reaching us by car, you’ll be close to the sea and you will have easy access to shops and supermarkets, to restaurants and pizzerias, to cities of art, to spas and nature parks.

At this point you just have to come and meet us!

Some good reasons

Traditional house

Some good reasons

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