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The Paths of the Farm

Walking through history and nature

Inside the farm you can follow two different trekking routes, from 2 km to 4 km long, so that our guests can discover some hidden corners and places of natural and historic interest, surrounded by green woods and cultivated fields.

On the farm you will find all the necessary indications and map.
Starting from the main body of the farm, you cross a small olive grove until you reach a path that brings you to a cave in the woods; its origin is uncertain but we know some of the purposes for which it was used in the past: for example, during the war it was used as a refuge by the partisans; a more folkloristic use of the cave was that of a deposit for smuggled brandy.
Nowadays wild animals like the fox probably use it as their lair.
Following the path you will come across the pool, which stands in the shade of an impressive ancient oak.
This typical medieval pool was created to collect the water of a natural spring that flows from the rock, and consists in fact of three linked pools. Traditionally the first pool was used for human needs, the second was used to water animals and the third was used to wash clothes.
The path continues  in the Mediterranean woods, characterized by the presence juniper, arbutus, various types of oaks etc., until it reaches the fields and a small hillside lake used to irrigate the nearby apricot trees.
The walk continues until you reach a big olive grove of about ten hectares, the largest in the area.
Here you’ll find some of the typical cultivars of Tuscan olive trees, such as moraiolo, leccino, frantoio, lazzaro and pendolino, with many impressive ancient olive trees.
Here you’ll find an old farm building called Ammazzaciuchi that was used to collect organic material, from both animals and plants: it produced compost that was used to fertilize the fields.
In the centre of the olive grove you will find the Oratory of Santa Lucia, an little church built in the IX century a.d., the first church of Montescudaio;  inside was buried the first Mayor of Montescudaio.
From here, along the road that brings you back to farm, you will enjoy the typical Tuscan landscape, with a breathtaking view of the sea and of all the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.
1.    Departure
2.    The Cave
3.    The Pool
4.    The lake
5.    Walk  in the woods
6.    Walk in the olive grove
7.    Ammazzaciuchi
8.    Oratory of Santa Lucia
9.    Return to the farm


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