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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic IGP

From the very beginning, the olive tree and its fruits have been present in human history in the Mediterranean, both in sacred rituals and in everyday life.

Today Extra Virgin Olive Oil is considered one of the basic elements of the now famous Mediterranean diet, which combines the pleasures of the palate with the love for a healthy balanced diet.

Our oil still retains the flavor of the past, because it is produced according to a centuries-old tradition.

The olives are Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio and Pendolino: typical Tuscan cultivars.

The harvest is done by hand, a slow and expensive technique, but  essential to ensure proper ripening and preservation of the fruits.
The olives are pressed only once – cold pressing –  in a typical mill with millstones.
Newly pressed oil is opaque, dense and with an unmistakable intense flavor.
When the heavier particles have deposited, the oil acquires the typical transparency that we usually see.

You will not find our olive oil in stores or supermarkets, but you can purchase it directly at the Farm.
The farm produces and sells directly its Organic Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP (Olio Extra Vergine Toscano IGP) in bottles or cans ranging from 0.5 to 5 liters.
In 2010 we also produced two monovarietal oils – oils produced with a single variety of olives – from a selection of Lazzero olives and Leccino olives.

Here are their characteristics:

LAZZERO (light green label):
This oil comes from the homonymous cultivars, “Lazzaro”, whose origin lies in the area of the Cecina River valley, between the provinces of Livorno and Pisa.
This native cultivar, in danger of extinction, produces a fruity oil with distinct grass sensations.
When tasted its flavor is full, persistent and with a good balance between bitter and spicy, the two characteristic flavors of Tuscan Olive Oil.  The color is yellow veering to green.
It is excellent for soups, grilled meats and raw vegetables.

LECCINO (blue label):
This oil comes from the homonymous cultivars, ‘Leccino’, widely present in all areas of Italian olive cultivation. The oil of Leccino shows a fruity aroma with clear elegant sensations of field grass. It is harmonic, mainly sweet, with a bitter and spicy aftertaste that veers to sweet almond.
The color is a golden yellow with light green. It is excellent on  delicate dishes such as fish, white meats, steamed vegetables and salads.

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