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Our Best Friends

Here is the space dedicated to some animal and pets, hairy or feathered tenants, that you could meet at Agriturismo Fattoria La Prugnola.

First of all, in terms of number, our cats.

Morgana, black and affectionate, the oldest cat controls the territory and gets pampered by all the children, who calls with her hoarse and unmistakable meow.

Maya, exuberant gray cat with pink dots, indefatigable spiteful, and curious explorer.

Ginger is the youngest, red and white, he likes to accompany us when we go around the woods. After many attempts he has also become a skilled climber of trees, where you can find him remarried or run away from some overly curious dog.

Mr. Nilson, white and gray and big, always around to browse.

To keep up the honor of the dogs the legendary Tuco. He is a guard. Loyal at duty falls asleep hard on the door of the house, making it impossible for anyone to access.

By now he has become a great friend of cats, as they say, of virtue necessity!

Then there are the geese, they are so guarding, trouble getting too close, they make themselves feel better than the alarm.

Last but not least, are our hens, the only ones that, in exchange for our care and attention, reciprocate with their production of eggs!

We look forward to meeting your best friends, who are welcome.

The most suitable houses to bring pets are Le Capinere for 2+2 people, Gli Ulivi and I Noci for 4+2 people.
Animals are also welcome in the Yurt and the Lodge Tent.

Some good reasons

From the classic Tuscan rustic to the original Yurt

Some good reasons

Nature, activities, cities of art, flavors