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Our Best Friends

Here is the space dedicated to some animal and pets, hairy or feathered tenants, that you could meet at Agriturismo Fattoria La Prugnola.

In the henhouse you will find a large number of Livorno hens that give us excellent eggs and the rooster makes itself heard on time, every morning! There are also two geese, Peter Pan and Stracciatella, who “watch” the entrance of the farm, those two don’t miss a thing!

We also have a kitten, Maya, gray with pink streaks, spiteful and curious, but above all with a great appetite! It is not uncommon to see her doing her rounds of the houses in search of some delicious treats.

Then there are the dogs! The old Tuco who enjoys his well-deserved retirement dozing on his pillow and the young Mora, who gnaws at everything she finds!

In addition to domestic animals, however, you will also be able to spot a large number of wild animals such as fawns, wild boars, foxes, badgers and porcupines. Walk one of our paths in the woods and search their footprints!

No need to say, pets are welcome on our farm, we can’t wait to meet your best friend!
For more information about your holidays with 4-legged friends, do not hesitate to contact us!

The most suitable houses to bring pets are Le Capinere for 2+2 people, Gli Ulivi and I Noci for 4+2 people.
Animals are also welcome in the Lodge Tents.

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Some good reasons

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