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Golfo di Baratti – Beaches

The Gulf of Baratti is one of the pearls of the Etruscan Coast and of the whole region.

Consisting of a light sand arch, it is what remains of a broad cord of sandy dunes, once clearly much wider, which has been bridged over the centuries by marine deposits. In the large cove there is the old pine forest which, although small, offers a really pleasant glance.

The sand is tending to reddish due to the iron residues of the mining activity that took place during the Etruscan times, in fact the area is rich in this mineral. At the top of the hill that protects the Gulf is the small village of Populonia, the only city that the Etruscans have ever built on the coast. You can also visit the Archaeological Park and go to the discovery of this fascinating culture.

Baratti is one of the most beautiful gulfs in the region, known for the beauty of its sea and beach.

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