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Montescudaio – Nearby Villages

MONTESCUDAIO’S original Latin name was Mons Scutarius.

The name was used for the first time in 1091. The second element of the name – scutarius – could mean “shield manufacturer”. However Scutarius in Roman is also the name of a person.
Various archeological findings confirm that there were human traces as far back as the Villanovian period.  Montescudaio hosts an ancient Benedictine monastery.  Today you can visit the Abbey of Santa Maria Assunta, the Oratory of the Santissima Annunziata, and the Church of St. Andrew.

The village of Montescudaio is in a charming position, on the first coastal hills behind the town of Cecina, and it is part of Pisa’s Maremma. It is situated about 10 km. from the coast and it is in the list of Italy’s most charming hamlets. From Montescudaio one can enjoy a marvelous view of the valley below, the Val di Cecina (valley of the Cecina River) and of the sea.

Surrounded by a luxuriant countryside with its characteristic vineyards and olive groves, it also has vast wooded areas with the typical essences of the Mediterranean brush.

There is a vast area where wildlife is protected so that the visitor can observe in any hour of the day and in any day of the year the pheasant, the hare, the falcon, the magpie, the wild boar, the deer, the blackbird, the robin, the woodpecker, the hoopoe (or the March cock, as they call it over here), the hedgehog, the jay. I listed them at random, because that’s how you can run across them.
The weather is extremely favorable all year round, making it possible to enjoy a relaxing holiday that will satisfy a great variety of interests:  environment, culture, sport, food and wine.

High quality Chianina beef, local salamis and hams ,home-made bread, cakes, wine and olive oil, these are the characteristic high-quality products of this territory.  Countless restaurants are ready to welcome visitors

Montescudaio’s territory is crossed by the river Cecina, that you can follow from the sea up to Volterra, visiting along the way many other local villages and hamlets that are all equally appealing.

It’s easy to reach Montescudaio by car or coach, thanks to the Motorway that brings you to Rosignano, and from there a relaxing road takes you to Montescudaio in 15 minutes; by train to Cecina Station, that is 10 km from Montescudaio and where trains are frequent and on a main railway line; by air, landing at Pisa Airport, that is 45 minutes by car from Montescudaio.

All the most important tourist destinations are within easy reach of Montescudaio, including the wonderful Isle of Elba, which is the point of departure of the famous “wine road of the Etruscan Coast” that unravels  along a wide territory famous for its DOC wines, passing from Montescudaio.
“Come, then, where wine will lead you”

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Some good reasons

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