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Food and Wine


The area of Montescudaio and its surroundings is famous for good food.

Guests of our farm are entitled to discounts in several nearby restaurants. There are menus to suit all tastes (meat, fish, pizza and vegetarian dishes) and at least three restaurants can be reached within a few minutes’ walk. Or you can choose a restaurant near the beach and enjoy the beautiful sunsets over the sea. They are all worth trying.

The restaurants and taverns scattered on the territory offer both typical Tuscan dishes, cooked  with vegetables grown locally, with high quality meat, with game, and also, as the sea is near, with excellent local fresh fish.

Wine has been produced here since Etruscan times.

The village of Montescudaio is a “City of Wine”, head of the DOC Montescudaio, that covers the territory of six other villages: Casale Marittimo, Riparbella, Montecatini Val di Cecina, Guardistallo, Santa Luce, Castellina Marittima, who are all part of  the “Wine Road of the Etruscan Coast”.

The DOC Montescudaio includes 14 farms immersed in the typical Tuscan countryside, with the influence of the nearby sea.

The history of wine in these parts dates back through the centuries to this day.

The “Wine Festival” was created in 1968, and it is held every year on the first week-end in October;  in 1977 this wine obtained the DOC Montescudaio trademark, for two types of wine:
–    A red wine, made mainly with sangiovese, trebbiano and malvasia  grapes, and other varieties such as canaiolo and colorino.
–    A white wine, made mainly  with trebbiano, malvasia and vermentino, which can also be produced as “Vin Santo” (Holy Wine), dry, demi-sec or sweet.  Since 1999 the   DOC disciplinary allows the use of so-called innovative varieties such as, for example, cabernet.
The various local wines can be bought directly in the farms where they are produced,  or in the DOC shop in Montescudaio, or in the typical local restaurants.

Montescudaio is not only a “City of Wine” but also a “City of Olive Oil” and a “City of Bread”.

The “Fattoria La Prugnola” is one of the main farms that produce the excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil typical of this area.

Montescudaio bread is famous and highly appreciated. It is obtained with leavening in sourdough using semi-integral flour, and is cooked in the old wood oven.  This round bread is without salt and is sold in two sizes, 1 kg and 2 kg, and remains fresh for a long time. Excellent for the bruschetta with olive oil ,and for the preparation of the typical Tuscan vegetable soup, it accompanies perfectly the Tuscan salted ham.
We suggest that you read the recipes with bread and oil, written by our grand-mother Franca, and selected for our guests.

In Montescudaio you will find various food stores and shops selling local produce and other goods, a bar and coffee shop,  and for  the connoisseurs a delicatessen with direct sale of the “Saluminificio Sandri” with a highly qualified production of  hams, salamis, sausages etc.
This means that the gourmets that come to Montescudaio will not be disappointed.  They’ll find wine, oil, bread, local vegetables, hams and other local products, in the typical rural tradition.

The various restaurants have a high quality cuisine, thanks to the excellent fresh
Fish that is caught every day.
The Fish Festival takes place every year in Caletta and it’s an appointment that gourmets cannot miss.

Here you will find excellent sea recipes, full of tradition and originality, and various events such as “Vada sull’aia”

A charming hamlet where you’ll find restaurants that are in the best Guides, bars, shops and a spa.  The local marina organizes important events, like “The Wine route” a regatta that combines the passion for the sea with the love for food.

A must for the traveller, San Vincenzo offers in its restaurants a high level cuisine accompanied  by the excellent wines of the “Wine Road of the Etruscan Coast”.

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