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Lakes and Bathing Rivers

An alternative to bathing at sea? Lakes and bathing rivers. It may sound strange but there are those who do not love the sea or simply prefer a destination in which to regenerate by immersing themselves (it is appropriate to say) in nature.

Near Pomarance, inside the Berignone reserve, is the Masso delle Fanciulle. On the river Cecina opens a natural pond where you can dive after a walk immersed in nature.

Halfway between Volterra and Pomarance, in the pomarancino stretch of the river Cecina, here is the Masso delle Fanciulle, which in recent years is experiencing an era of splendor. In the middle of the green, that is the natural reserve of the Forest of Berignone, the Masso delle Fanciulle offers various pools of water for all tastes. You go from the postcard waterfall to the real boulders from which you can dive, always paying attention. There is no beach, but alternate rocks and parts with small stones, so appropriate footwear is recommended. The most attentive and expert can go further northeast to the Masso degli Specchi, another body of water where you can swim. Both are located along paths ideal for trekking.

Not far away is also the green pool on the torrent Pavone, a tributary of Cecina. The locality to look for is that of Montecastelli Pisano, in the municipality of Castelnuovo Val di Cecina. As you can guess from the name, the body of water is a beautiful emerald green and is surrounded by beaches of both pebbles and sand.

Finally, along the Carbonaia stream in the municipality of Chianni there are the Ghiaccione waterfalls. It is a small series of waterfalls and pools. The biggest and most famous waterfall is called Tonfo degli Ebrei, big enough to swim. Eyes at the water temperature: it’s very cold.

We are in the municipality of Roccastrada, in the most authentic Maremma. In the village of Piloni – Torniella there is the natural reserve of the river Farma. From the premises the place is also known as “the sea of ​​Roccastradini” and the reason is soon explained.

It is a fascinating place: from the green of the vegetation you suddenly find yourself in front of an almost lunar environment, where large and extensive rock formations occupy the riverbed. By parking the car near Bagni Petriolo it is possible to descend or go up the river in search of the best spots to swim in some natural pools that form small lakes with waterfalls.

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