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Marina di Castagneto – Beaches

Marina di Castagneto has a coastline and a sandy bottom accompanied by the typical pine forest rich in Mediterranean vegetation, typical of our area.

On the beach stands an ancient military fort from the Renaissance, which once defended the coast from the assaults of pirates.
It is full of bathing establishments and equipped “Punto Punti”, sections of free beach where services and assistance are guaranteed.

For lovers of surfing and windsurfing and kiting it will be useful to know that this coastal strip is very sensitive to the southern winds that, despite the strong intensity, do not shake the sea very much, thus creating an excellent spot for disciplines such as Freestyle requiring strong wind and flat waters. Instead advised against the western winds due to the very rough sea conditions.
The large beach makes it safe to practice kitesurfing.

These conditions of ease, safety and frequency of wind, make Marina di Castagneto the most popular spot in the entire Etruscan Coast.

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Some good reasons

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